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Ruth Klampert, founder of Slumbercap

About Ruth Klampert

A San Diego, California resident, Ruth Klampert brought forth this product in the early 1990's. The idea of a Slumbercap literally came to her one night in a dream.

"I dreamed about a sleep cap that looked like a little girl's sock with lace on the ankle. I got up during the night and sketched out this thing and went back to sleep," she says. The next morning she could barely remember doing it, but there sat a detailed sketch of what would eventually become a Slumbercap.

Comments from people who enjoy wearing the Slumbercap®:

The original Slumbercaps were 96 percent cotton and 4 percent Lycra, had one seam and lace trimming, and were made by Klampert herself, who sewed several and gave them to cancer patients. Slumbercaps were created using a pattern designed by Klampert and came in a variety of colors. They were sized and styled for women.

Klampert conducted a small, unscientific marketing survey by bringing a basketful of her caps - and an accompanying questionnaire - to cancer centers and doctors' offices in San Diego.

A nurse at one of the cancer centers suggested she consider making Slumbercaps for men, too. "This nurse said the men going through chemo were ripping off the lace and using the caps. So I decided to do away with the lace then and make a slightly different style for men, using a cuff."

Today, The USC Norris Cancer Center's auxiliary in Los Angeles, Southwest Regional Cancer Center in Texas, Scripps Cancer Center, City of Hope, MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, UCLA and Dana Farber are among the medical centers that purchase Slumbercaps for cancer patients.


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